The Avron Ayende Story

Many of the members at A'vron Ayende are members throughout the web on several or a few other Wheel of Time sites. Through joining each of them we have run across each other several times. Some of us under different user names and alway surprised to discover that we were already, fast friends at another site! Its can be both amazing and quite funny when it happens!

The birth of a website or community site like this takes a sort of dedication equaled to a full time and a half job in the real world. It take special people and dedication to "man" a community site, have it prosper and fulfill the members expectations of community. The founders of our site have had an ongoing, close relationship for several years and have crossed over several sites, including but not limited to: Dragonmount, Tar Valon, Realm of Tar Valon and others.

The founders at A'vron Ayende are a gaggle of men and women who ventured out into the www to create a home and haven to the fans of Robert Jordan(aka James Oliver Rigney)/Brandon Sanderson co written with Harriet McDougal, wife and now, widow of Jordan.

Robert Jordan died of cardiac amyloidosis on September 16th 2007. But his series is being carried on to see its finality by Brandon Sanderson.  The final book, A Mempry of Light is expected to be released late 2012. Many fans are appreciative of this effort and the writing of Brandon Sanderson who has done a superb job of continuing on the story.

We at A'vron Ayende, invite you to visit our community site.   We also encompassed a range of roleplay opportunities in different areas of the WoT world/timeline and we also have a place dedicated to any other roleplay your heart desires.   Whether you wish to start as a novice/soldier or vanguard in the Tower in our community or start in the RP at any rank, you are always welcomed home.

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