Lots of News

First and foremost, our Zazzle store is stocked and ready for business. Thank you to Peper Tiango for all the hard work you put in to getting everything together!  If you have not checked it out, please do so today!  A portion of the sales go to our site treasure chest and helps us pay site costs.  You can visit the store HERE.  We are still taking suggestions on how to cover site costs, please PM Cerena with any ideas or if you have an item to donate to a raffle.

Also, you will notice we have recently restructured to make the forums easier on the eyes and hopefully easier to navigate for everyone!  Thank you Nicandra for the many hours spent rearranging and correcting permissions!

In the past couple weeks we have welcomed many new members:
Ekateryn (Vanguard)
Celes (No Path)
Sa Souvraya (Novice)
Nymue du Lac (No Path)
Violette (Novice)
Marvanessa (No Path)

Feb 1st we also welcomed a new crop of Sitters!  Thank you to all the outgoing Sitters for you service.  Sitters for the Feb-July are:

Blue: Alarwyn and Siera
Red: Morwynna and Genvissia
Yellow: Egwene and Lily
Black: Nicandra
White: Jaida and Bill
Green: Reyn and Leala
Brown: Foryest and Kaurick
Gray: Kairina and Onis
Warders: Sakinah and Tess

Currently we have many amazing discussion going on in the Hall of Learning & City of Tar Valon forums and also we have trivia with the Brown Ajah in the Residence forum.  Go check them out or start your own!!


Congrats are in order..

First of all, Congrats to Leala for being appointed Dark Mistress (Head) of the Black Ajah!!!
Also, congrats to the Brown Ajah for adding Talon to their ranks!!!


  • A final choice on Sitters for the next term are due no later than Jan 31st! The term starts Feb 1st so we would like to have them as soon as possible!
  • We will be rearranging the forums once again in an attempt to make it easier to navigate.  The thread is still open in the Hall if your Sitters have not added their input!

To contribute to the blog, please PM Cerena


A'vron Ayende v.20.12

With the coming of this new year, A'vron is undergoing a few changes.  first, this blog will be taking the place of our newsletter, The Druken Bard. We will be tweaking our forum structure in an effort to make the boards more user friendly. We will also be eliminating and opening a few staff positions, keep an eye out in the announcement forum for applications! 

We would like to thank the following outgoing staff: Lyssa Sedai of the Brown Ajah, Morwynna Sedai of the Red Ajah and Nymeria Sedai of the Black Ajah for all they have done in their time as Ajah Head.  Ladies, we appreciate all that you have done for us and hope to be able to continue enjoying your presence with us.

We are currently in the process of electing Sitters for our spring/summer term, check your Ajah board for details!!

As always, if you know a friend or have an acquaintance that might be interested in please share the link with them and on any social media outlets you may be a member of.  I for one would really enjoy seeing a huge influx of new JM this year!!!!

Yours in the Light
The Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat
Cerena al'Kamryn Sedai 


Welcome to the A'vron Ayende Blogger!

The blog will be a updating tool for members to review. This will eliminate any "newsletter" type of articles, excluding the Gazette feature we have.

Please keep updates to a reasonable lapse, no less than 3 months.